Sabah Autoshow 2019

Focus and Malaysian Automotive Institute (MARII) teamed up to provide dyno testing at the recent Sabah Auto Show in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah recently. The show was attended by lots of car and truck enthusiasts and we performed dyno “pulls” for 30 participants over the 2 day show. Most of the vehicles were street going or off-road trucks, including some “swamp monster” trucks with enormous wheels! Many of the vehicles were highly modified with a lot of turbo diesels pouring out smoke so thick you couldn't see the display screen. The peak power came from a highly modified Toyota Sprint with a turbo that looked like something from a jet engine.


As Marii sponsored the event the testing was all performed FOC (Free Of Charge) to the delight of the participants. Their expressed a lot of interest in the dyno and tuning in general, and there were a number of very professional engine modifications as well as some amazing “home brew” mods that really rocked. Dyno testing and tuning is not yet very common over in Borneo and we noticed some significant tuning issues with several of the vehicles including both over and undersized turbos, over and under fuelling on both petrol and diesel vehicles, and intake/exhaust layout in general.


The 4-man crew from Focus did a great job, and kept everything very safe and fun for everyone. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this in the future! Many thanks to Marii and all the participants!

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