Focus invited to moderate panel discussion on Autonomous Vehicles at Sultan Azlan Shah Polytech, Malaysia

With increasing sophistication of modern cars, many parties are becoming interested in Autonomous Vehicles. Sultan Azlan Shah Polytech in Tanjung Malim Malaysia is taking the step of modernizing its curriculum to include emphasis on Autonomous Vehicle Systems. As part of this effort it held a conference with various parties to discuss this upcoming technology, and gage interest and concerns of the public and various industrial partners. Focus, having expertise in this field, was invited to moderate the discussion, which was lively, and broad-based. A lot of the discussion focused on safety concerns. Current data indicates that Autonomous Vehicles are likely to be much safer than human piloted vehicles, but may be vulnerable to “hacking” by malicious parties, and/or organizations such as governments and “intelligence departments”. One conclusion reached was that autonomous vehicles may initially be owned by companies and local governments and used as part of a public transit system, as opposed to privately owned.


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