Focus Invited to Speak at UMP’s 3RD AIGEV 2018



As an ongoing part of our public outreach, we are often called upon to speak on various transportation technologies in public forums. Recently we delivered a key note speech at the University of Malaysia Pahang’s AIGEV conference entitled “Automotive Technologies: Moving towards Autonomous Vehicles”. This talk included much of our own work, as well as observations from field testing various autonomous technologies. In conclusion it was mentioned that the shift to autonomous vehicles will be gradual, and in fact many new cars already have significant “autonomous” technologies included such as collision avoidance with automatic breaking, lane following and lateral collision avoidance, etc. This sparked lively discussions with special interest on how these technologies might have difficulties in various developing economies given traffic patterns quite different from typical European or North American patterns, including ~50% 2-wheelers which do not follow strict lane positioning, and very divergent velocity gradients.


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Focus Applied Technologies specializes in engine and vehicle technologies. We develop and use a wide range of tools in our ongoing alternative fuels R&D work. Selected products are offered for commercial sales.

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Our main product lines include engine and chassis dynamometers, engine test systems, engine and vehicle testing services, dynamometer controllers, electronic fuel injection systems and other control systems. In view of our unique expertise, we do often requested to deliver Technical Training workshops as well the wide range of engineering consulting services for various industries, academia and government institutions.

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